First Place

As a freshman at Negaunee High School Katie McEachern received first place honors for her short story The Attack. Katie is active in band, chorus, and gymnastics. In her free time Katie enjoys music, writing, drawing, poetry, and many other fine arts. She also enjoys adventuring to “cool and unique” places. Additionally, Katie spends time taking pictures with friends, babysitting and doing makeup.

Second Place

As a junior at Gwinn High School, Emma Locknane’s short story Welcome to the New Age took second place. Emma enjoys hobbies such as writing, drawing, knitting, and daydreaming. Her favorite reading genres are science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism. She has many stories of her own she’s working on, and often spends her time developing characters and fictional worlds.

Third Place (tie)

Sarah Lauzon was an 11 year-old fifth-grader when her short story Henry the Kitten tied for third place. Sarah attends Luther L. Wright K-12 School in Ironwood. She won the 2018 fifth grade U.P. spelling bee. She loves to read and write. She loves cats and Broadway. Her hobbies include playing piano, playing with her cat, and swimming.

Third Place (tie)

Anna Laakso was a sophomore at Republic-Michigamme High School when she tied for third place with her short story Elite. Anna is an avid fan of the fantasy genre and seeks it out in her reading and writing choices. Anna is also a talented artist, and her love of fantasy comes through in her many illustrations and drawings.

Sierra Hendrickson was recognized with an Honorable Mention for her story Abducted. She is a student at Negaunee High School.

The two Third Place winners and the Honorable Mention were not published in the U.P. Reader #2 because of space constraints. We are thrilled to be able to get them published here!

1st and 2nd place stories are published in U.P. Reader #2

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