Writing can be a very lonely occupation, which is why our founding fathers (and mothers) created the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit in 1998. We now have over one hundred members scattered across the Upper Peninsula with a few members in Lower Michigan and Upper Wisconsin. Some of our members have over a dozen published books to their credit, other members have little more than a dream—all are welcome. Collectively, we have made most of the mistakes writers can make. There is no need for new writers to repeat them. We hope you will consider joining us.

Reasons for Joining

Spring Conference: Every spring the UPPAA sponsors a writer’s conference where we bring in knowledgeable speakers to supplement our local talent. We offer a variety of topics for the experienced author as well as the novice. One of our frequent complaints is that we have too many workshops to choose from and they all look good. The conference is normally held on a Saturday in May and lasts most of the day. It is free for all members.

The Written Word: The Written Word, which is our quarterly newsletter, keeps members updated between conferences. It is an excellent forum for authors to announce their latest publications. Editor Jansina Grossman, with the help of UPPAA members, provides information about upcoming author events as well as valuable tips on writing. If something of interest to writers is happening in the U.P., you will find it here.

Exclusive Internet Discussion Group: Have a bright idea? Or need a bright idea? Our exclusive, members only Groups.io discussion group is the place to go. It is an excellent sounding board for asking questions or sharing interesting writing tidbits. You will quickly discover that even dumb questions have answers. (We won’t mention how we discovered the answers to the dumb questions.)

Networking: We saved the best reason for joining until last. Our members forge lasting friendships that never would have occurred without UPPAA. Writers quickly learn that few people can make a living writing. Sometimes it is the friendships and camaraderie that make it all worthwhile.

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