First Place

May Amelia Shapton took first place honors in the high school division this year with her story titled Crucify and Burn. She is a senior at Lake Linden-Hubbell High School. May Amelia enjoys traveling, and cross-stitching, and her love of reading spans all genres. She also loves cats, the sound of rain on a roof and the smell of a book. Her after school time is mainly spent working, playing in her school drum line, and captaining her school robotics team. In her opinion, the best things in life are good food, bad laughs and nice friends.

Second Place

Cora Mueller is a freshman at Houghton High School. Her short story is titled Thief of Hearts. She usually passes the time by reading, sketching, or singing along to her favorite musicals. She loves the science fiction genre, but rarely expresses it in her writing. She has been telling stories since she was a child and finds herself often daydreaming of far off worlds.

Third Place

Fenwood Tolonen is a freshman at Lake Linden-Hubbell High School. The author of the short story titled Attention prefers spending time at school doing robotics or cheer. Hobbies consist of reading, cosplaying, role playing, and writing. The author tends to write random little stories when bored and then draws out scenes or characters from them.

First Place Jr. Division

Megan Sutherland, a 12 year old from Lake Linden Hubbell Schools, won the award with her story titled Confliction. She loves to read, write, draw, listen to music, go outside, and type. She also likes playing basketball and volleyball, as well as riding her bike and walking her dogs. She wants to be an environmental scientist or author when she grows up.

That  #%@&#  Corona Virus

Spring of 2020 was not kind to the Dandelion Cottage Short Story Contest. We had to cancel our awards ceremony and distribute the medallions and awards to our incredible authors by mail. We were also unable to obtain photos for all our winners. We apologize for this misfortune. Hopefully 2021 will be a better.


Winning stories are published in U.P. Reader #4

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