First Place

Jaclyn Jukkala is a freshman at Houghton High School. Writing is one of her many hobbies, others include skiing, hunting, playing hockey, and reading. Her short story title is The Window. Sponsoring teacher is Jessica Klein.

Second Place

Lilli Gast is a freshman at Houghton High School. Reading is her favorite pastime, but she also likes to go skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. She runs cross country in the fall. Science is currently her favorite subject. Her short story title is Azalea Tea and Other Poisons. Jessica Klein is her sponsoring teacher.

Third Place

Miah Billie is a sophomore from Ironwood who is enrolled in an online home school. Her favorite classes are Art History, World History, and English. She has always loved stories, and after conquering dyslexia, Miah was able to express her love of writing and books. Her favorite genres are fantasy, history, and dystopian. When she is not enveloped in a good story, Miah enjoys watching movies, theater, hiking, photography, and antiquing. Her short story title is Shadows of the Mind. Sponsoring teacher is Elizabeth Billie.

First Place – Jr. Division

Halle Wakkuri is 14 years old and is home-schooled in Delta County. Some of her favorite things to do are basketball, karate, listening to music, playing with her puppy, and of course creative writing. In her free time, she is often outdoors, hanging out with friends, and in the summer, you can usually find her at her family cabin on Lake Michigan. Her short story title is The Karate Club. Sponsoring teacher is Lena Quinlan.

Second Place – Jr. Division

Serah Oommen is an eighth-grade student at Houghton Middle School. She enjoys various activities such as basketball, snowboarding, singing, playing guitar, and writing. She currently serves as the president of the middle school student council and is also a member of the Houghton Band. Through her fictional short story titled, Overcoming Hardships in Life, Serah weaves a tale of strength and hope that resonates with anyone who has faced their own hardships in life. The sponsoring teacher for the story is Jessica Klein.

Third Place – Jr. Division

Betty Harriman is an 11-year-old 6th grader at Bothwell Middle School in Marquette. Her hobbies include skiing, hiking, and biking with her family. She also enjoys spending time with her three cats, Bean, Boots, and Kirby. Betty loves to read, write and make art. Her short story title is Mushrooms. Sponsoring teacher is Adam Dompierre.


Winning stories are published in U.P. Reader #7

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